Nestled in Inglewood just a few miles from downtown Nashville, music-creators of all kinds will find refuge at Forty-one Fifteen.  Within the confines of the 94-year-old 2500 square-foot bungalow there lies a sort of meek, unassuming grandeur unknown to most recording studios.  There's something calming and familiar about it.  The near-century-old hardwood floors and plaster walls, while beautiful and elegant, provide stellar transmission of acoustic energy - almost as if the structure itself were singing along.  The result is a brilliant decay and stunning bloom around acoustic instruments of all kinds, affording natural room sounds that rival some of the most well-designed studios.

They sure don't make 'em like they used to...

In addition to all of this, there’s an intimate, inviting, acoustically-tamed overdub room, an abundance of carefully-chosen, world-renown analog preamps and outboard processing, a tasteful list of well-maintained in-house instruments, a noteworthy microphone locker, unquestionably-accurate monitoring, and a robust, dependable digital audio workstation.  

Deeper still we find the heart of the studio: the people.  Forty-one Fifteen was originally conceived by Dewey Boyd, Jeff Braun and Taylor Bray - three passionate, like-minded audio professionals who believe that listeners are hungry for real music - for provocative, emotion-filled performances captured in a timeless light.  

Each a capable musician in their own right, these three spent their formative years creating music on the other side of the glass.  There, they quickly discovered that many professional studios do not boast a comfortable, home-like atmosphere that inspires the best performances.  This spurred the creation of Forty-one Fifteen as a safe-haven for musicians, bands and songwriters who seek to push boundaries and create honest, genuine, out-of-the-box content, unconstrained by clinical atmosphere or oppressive rates.  

Music’s greatest strength lies within its ability to defy the typical constraints of communication.  This is not attributed to labels, budgets, A&R or distribution - but because of emotionally-wrought story-telling.  It’s in those honest, human moments that occur only when an artist or musician is comfortable enough to reach - to let go, take a chance and risk failure - that recordings are born with such potency as to stir the heart.  No need for fads, formulas or rhetoric - the big guys controlling Top 40 radio have that covered.  Forty-one Fifteen exists to foster these poignant moments; to freeze them in time; and to pair them with interesting, challenging textures by way of confident engineering and skillful production that, first and foremost, serve the song.  

What better place to capture lasting, timeless performances than in a space that itself has endured, outlasting generations?  Forty-one Fifteen boasts all the necessary elements of a successful recording studio - a stunning facility, great gear, and talented personnel - unified by the unique freedom of expression and the safety to tell your story in a way that will be accessible and inspiring to others.

If you cup your ear to the wall and listen closely, you may even hear these old bones whispering a story or two of their own…